Everyone wishes to buy new homes, but it becomes difficult without an idea. Real Estate Agent in Queens has come up with some questions you must ask your builder. People mostly prefer to build new homes rather than existing houses. There are many reasons for it. People can add new features and design them according to their preferences. Also, it’s an experience full of learning and fun to construct a home from scratch. To start:

  1. Determine the place where you want to live.
  2. Select a floor plan for the house.
  3. Prepare plans for the construction and design of your home.

But the execution of this planning is in the hands of the builders. Therefore, you need to interview them before starting the construction. Discuss the points and explore the new additions for your house.

Questions To Be Asked

Below are ten questions by Real Estate Agents in Queens you should ask your builder. The answers to these questions will help you in having a better idea of the constructor. In addition, you can add your thoughts during the question-answer session. For example, discuss the points of conflicts. And have a better idea about how your house can look more beautiful with efficient construction.

  1. What Sort of Houses Do You Construct?

The trends are changing with every day. The current era has different homes ranging from track houses to luxury houses. You also have a picture in your mind of how your house will look like. Therefore, it is essential to ask the builder what type of houses he builds. This will give you an idea if you are working with the right constructor or not. Does he have the experience to create a place you want or not? Many components are used in building homes. Different builders use them according to their preferences. Therefore, it is essential to analyze whether the builder can handle those materials or not. If you want a luxury house, you should have an experienced luxury home builder.

Real Estate Agent in Queens

Real Estate Agent in Queens

  1. What Gives You an Edge Over Other Builders in The Market

It is better and helpful to talk to three or four builders for an idea. Doing this will give you an idea about who can construct your house most perfectly. While surveying, ask different questions to them. The list of questions by Real Estate Agent in Queens include:

  • Do you use high-quality products? (Discuss the products in detail)
  • Are you more inexpensive than others?
  • Do you communicate the daily updates to your clients?
  • How is your reputation about constructing the homes before the deadline?
  • Do you include the client’s ideas in your construction plan?

These answers will give you an idea of whether your builder is the best or not. Then, if you feel satisfied with the answers, go ahead with the construction.

  1. How Long the Construction of My Home Will Take?

Every house is different and takes differentiated timelines to get completed. The period depends on the scope and size of the home. Some take three to four months, while some take a whole year. The professional builders of Real Estate Agent in Queens give an estimated timeline for completion to their clients. Various factors affect the construction of a house. This includes getting permission, arranging materials, crews, and weather conditions. Keeping all of this in mind, there should be an estimated time for the end of construction. Therefore, your constructor must give you an idea about the period of construction.

  1. Can I Visit the House During the Building Process?

A house has different materials in it during the construction process. Those materials can hurt you or anyone during the visit. Therefore, it is advised to avoid visiting during the initial phase of construction. Builders also usually don’t allow this for many reasons. But it is better to visit the house in the ending phase of construction. This will enable you to see if it has been built in a way you want or not. Due to this, it is recommended to ask about the visit before construction.

  1. What Is the Difference Between the Price of Lots?

Lots have different prices depending on their size and location. For example, the lots that are in the back and corner of the neighborhood are expensive. However, lots that are located on the main road of the community have low prices. Therefore, ask for the difference in prices of lots from your builder. Don’t forget to include lot prices in your budget for construction. You can calculate the cost of empty lots with the formula of residual land valuation. 

  1. Do You Necessarily Use Your Floor Plan in Construction?

Most of the builders use their floor plans while building a house. They got a variety of floorplans, but the choice is limited. So people choose from them and save their time. If you have already decided on the floor plan before construction, choose a clientele home builder. This will allow you to select your floor plan with your customization for your house. We, Real Estate Agent in Queens, use customized floor plans for our clients. 

  1. What Warranties Do You Provide and For How Long?

Builders usually offer a year warranty for quality. For the structure, they provide a ten-year warranty. Therefore, it is essential to ask your builder about the warranties he offers. Discuss the contracts in detail to avoid conflict in the future. The experts of Real Estate Agent in Queens can also assist you with validations. So that you can negotiate the guarantees more beneficially with your builder.

  1. What Is the Process of Making Changes If I Want to?

Everything is pre-planned before construction, but there may be a need for few changes. For example, it can be the color of kitchen cabinets or the tiles of the bathroom. Most builders accommodate the changes before ordering the materials. While some do not. Therefore, it is recommended to ask about the process of making changes and policies. Or see if the builder is allowing it or not. Also, ask the method of payment for upgrading materials. Some builders prefer paying before ordering, while some prefer at the closing.

  1. Can You Connect Me with Your Prior Clients for References?

It is recommended to speak to previous clients to get accurate information. By contacting them, you can visit their house and see the actual work. For example, if your builder connects you to its clients, you can ask:

  • Did the fundamental fee change during the building process?
  • Did they face any issues regarding settling in the new house?
  • Did the builder finish the construction on time?
  • Was the builder responsible and prepared for the warranty claims?
  1. Discuss the Punch List

People notice different things and some imperfections after the completion of construction. The punch list includes the things you come up with after your first walkthrough. There are many things that need special attention. Check the list by Real Estate Agent in Queens mentioned below:

  • The touch-ups of paint
  • Missing plasters
  • Flaws in the doors and woodwork
  • The unfinished fillings in between the doors and windows.
  • Defected lights and many more.

Discuss all of this with the builder. Then, inform the builder before the start of construction that you may come up with a punch list. This will remove the imperfections, and your house will look flawless after construction.


Building a house can be a stressful or an exceptional experience. It depends on how you choose the builder for your home. Real Estate Agent in Queens NY, wants to make your construction experience a happier one. Make sure to ask these questions beforehand. This will give you an idea of whether he is the right builder for your house or not. Then, choose the most suitable builder and get your dream house built by him.

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