Renting out an apartment in New York City is a challenge. But with Real Estate Agent in Queens NY, it is not. The trend of renting houses in NYC is very common. According to a report, there are 3,142,405 houses in the city. Among them, two-thirds of the houses are used for renting in the city. Whereas, people use only one-third of the houses for their own use.  With more than 8 million people, we have bought amazing affordable deals for you. There are many ads for rented apartments in the newspaper every week. Different people have different demands for rental apartments. With price ranges from $2000 to $4000 or more, we have got everything. Not only rooms but also balconies and other specifications in those apartments too. Below is the list which has everything you might have been searching for. Please give it a read and find a perfect apartment in your area.

Deals in Bed-Stuy

For $2200

It is an apartment with one bedroom and a big window presenting the life of NYC. The location of this apartment is Jefferson Avenue block. This apartment has high and furnished ceilings. The house is decorated with wall cornices and beautiful shutters. Combined with a revamped kitchen, extra storage in the hall, and a renovated bathroom.

For $2300

An apartment built on 900 square feet. It has one medium-sized bedroom having the capacity to adjust two desks. The location is near the border of Clinton Hill. It has a fireplace and a vast kitchen windowed with beautiful glasses. With beautiful, heightened ceilings and a bathroom, this may be a perfect place for you.

For $2600

This apartment is in the blocks of Nostrand Avenue. It has one large bedroom with a big window presenting a beautiful view. Exceptionally renovated kitchen with printed tiles in the bathroom. High ceilings and magnificent lighting with a gorgeous backyard. This apartment is affordable and attractive.

Deals in Crown Heights

For $1890

The location of this apartment is near Brower Park. It has two bedrooms and four windows with a bar sitting for two persons. The kitchen is renovated magnificently with printed tiles and beautiful cabinets.

For $3500

This apartment has a location near Brower Park. With a capacity of 4 bedrooms, it has glass doors. Beautifully revamped kitchen with high ceilings. A gorgeous terrace with a beautiful view of the city. This rented apartment also has a facility for laundry in it.

Real Estate Agent in Queens NY

Deals in East Village

For $3100

The 1st street of East First Avenue is the location of this apartment. It has a capacity of two big-sized bedrooms with a living room. The rooms have substantial-high ceilings and French glass doors. It has printed tiles all over the apartment. Not only this but a big bathroom with a big window too.

For $3400

This apartment is in the vicinity of Alphabet City. It has a huge kitchen and a huge bathroom. Both are beautiful and decorated with uniquely designed cabinets & tiles. Not only this, but it also has an exclusive terrace and a gorgeous walkway. This apartment could be the one you dreamt of.

Deals in Ridgewood

For $1700

Real Estate Agent in Queens NY, brings this affordably cute apartment for you. It has a capacity of one-bedroom—exquisitely renovated kitchen and bathroom. The windows also have a perfect gridded design.

For $1870

This apartment has a capacity of one bedroom and a bonus room. Not only this, but it also has a big living room. The living room can adjust a dining table too. It has a beautifully decorated kitchen and bathroom with ceramic tiles.

For $2400

The location of this apartment is near Myrtle Avenue. It has a capacity of two bedrooms with two additional rooms. These rooms can serve as a store or office. The apartment has four huge windows in bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen. It is decorated beautifully with lilac tiles and designed ceilings.

Deals for Upper West Side

For $3250

This apartment has a location near Riverside Park, west of 80th Street. It has a capacity of one bedroom with glass doors everywhere. Beautifully decorated kitchen, bathroom, and fireside with two windows. Not only this but high ceilings and facility of laundry.

For $3900

It is built near 85th Street West. This apartment has a capacity of one bedroom and an additional room. Two large-sized arched windows and two ornamented fireplaces. High ceilings in the apartment and a beautiful eat-in kitchen. Not only this but an attractively designed terrace too.

For $4230

With a capacity of two bedrooms, it is located on 73rd Street, West. It has two large washrooms with bathtubs. With this, a beautiful fireplace and large renovated kitchen and living room. A separate room as a storeroom and a cozy rooftop. The whole apartment is decorated with white cabinets and lilac tiles.


With these deals, Real Estate Agent in Queens NY, has got everything you need. In addition, these apartments are affordable and attractive. So choose the one which fits your requirements and start living your dream life. 

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