Summers are famous for their long days, which can become boring sometimes. Neighbourhoods in Queens, NY, have brought some fun backyard games for you. Kids are free on summer vacations and become jaded often. But this will not happen to your kids with the games mentioned below. These DIY games are easy to set up. Everyone in your family can be part of organizing them. Simple supplies are required to start these games. All of these are engaging and full of fun. You can play these DIY games in your backyard in the evenings. Or you use a shade in the backyard to play in the afternoons too. You can also prepare some DIY gifts for the winners. Or you can buy small gifts or food items too. This will make the game more fun and exciting. There are many more health benefits for indoor games as well.  So get ready for a joyful summer by spending some money. Buy the supplies. And make your summer more upbeat and playful.

  1. Backyard Bowling

The Materials You Need

  • A Rope.
  • Small bright bottles or grape/juice bottles.
  • Glue Gun.
  • A Ball. (You can use any tennis or small ball available at home)

The Setup

Everyone loves to drink juices and cold drinks. You can grab some bottles from your kitchen. Wash them thoroughly, water and leave them for drying. If not, you can buy from a store too. Start by glueing the bottom of the bottles. Take the rope and wrap it all around the bottle. This will make the bottles a little heavier. So that they will not get breached when bumped with the ball. That’s it! Set the bottles in a pyramid shape. Roll the ball and see who can knock more bottles. The one who blows more bottles off will be the winner. Sounds fun, right! It’s all easy with the DIYs of neighbourhoods in Queens NY.

  1. The Ring Flip

The Supplies

  • Bottles (Can be juice bottles)
  • Shower Plastic Rings

The Setup

Start by wrapping the bottles with the rope. Use a glue gun for this. Cover the bottles. The next step is to set these bottles. Place them with some distance in the backyard. Toss the rings and see who can do better. The one who gets more bottles will be a move to the next stage. For the next step, place the bottles with more distance than before. This will increase the challenge level. The ones who get the most from round one will play this round. Those who get the most will be the winners.

  1. Cup Race with Water Guns

The Supplies

  • A string or thread.
  • Plastic cups.
  • Water guns.

The Setup

Start by fixing the cups in the strings. Make a hole in the cups and pass the rope or thread through them. Now place this rope between two trees. You can use walls or any support to tie the rope. Make sure to tighten up the ends so that it remains fixed while playing. Repeat the process. Place two or three rows of the threads with cups in your backyard. Take your water guns out and start the race. The one who reaches the end quickly will be the winner. It seems fun, right! Everything is exciting yet simple with the neighbourhood in Queens, NY.

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  1. Yard-Zee

The Supplies

  • A permanent marker.
  • A bucket or a bowl. (You can use one from your kitchen)
  • Foam dices. (You can buy five to six or as per your requirement)
  • A scorecard.

The Setup

Begin with marking the dice. Use the marker and point the foam dice the same as real dice. After drawing, take the bowl and put the dice in it. Roll them and see who got the highest score. Use the scorecard to calculate the scores. This game usually has thirteen rounds. You can increase or decrease the rounds according to your choice.

  1. The Frisbee Sponge Toss

The Supplies

  • A permanent marker.
  • Some sponges
  • Some frisbees.

The Setup

Use the permanent marker and mark the bottom of the frisbees. You can write any number on them. For instance, you can go for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. After this, place the frisbees in a line. Take the sponges and toss them towards the frisbees. The one who gets the highest scores will be the winner. To have more entertainment, soak the sponges in icy water. It will make them fresh and chilled in the summer evenings. Wet sponges are more fun to throw because they become heavier.

In contrast, dry sponges are light in weight. You can face struggles while throwing them. You can store the supplies for reuse in any crate or box.


DIY games are always fun and easy to start. They are the least time-consuming and least expensive. But the good thing is you play them inside your home. You can reuse them whenever you want by storing them in a crate. These games are not only for the backyard. You can play them in your room on rainy days. You can mix and match the supplies and create more fun. For instance, you can use the bottoms of the cans and toss frisbees on them. This will make a DIY game of Can-Jam! Visit Real Estate Agent Queens NY for more DIY games. Try them and make your summers more productive and memorable!

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