People love modern-style houses and want to design theirs too. Real Estate Agent in Queens has come up with a complete guide for you to do this. People think that creating a modern house is a challenging task. Therefore, they hire professionals who charge a lot of money.  But with this article, you will be able to design your house by yourself. The place which is created by using streamlined and lustrous fragments and tidy areas are the modern ones. The design of these houses are focused on a detailed architecture. All these combined create an elegant and mesmerizing look. If you also adore these types of homes, keep reading. From the color theme to furniture, essential elements, paraphernalia, and many more. This article has all the details about modern style decoration.

What Defines Modern Style?

The term modern style came into existence in the middle of the 20th century. It is a combination of innovative furnishing and structural design. According to survey reports, the cost of building a modern home is estimated at $90,0000 to $5,00,000. The cost depends on the square foot of the house you are choosing. This style focuses on structure and form instead of surface embellishment. 

Features of Modern Style:

The features which define modern style are:

  • Polished: This style is clean, sculptured, and crunchy. All the shapes of furnishing are clear and defined.
  • Architectural: The furnishing in this style compliments the architecture. They give a flawless and elegant look together.
  • Minimal: This style also incorporates the negative areas perfectly. It uses some themed color/ print or detailed furniture to do so.

The Key Elements of Modern Style:

  1. A Breathing Space:

The modern style primarily focuses on the objects and the space between them. To understand more clearly, imagine a place. It has detailed sculptured furnishings on the top of a bare floor. Combined with basic windows and crispy white walls. Or sometimes a sculpturesque vase on a neutral color rug. The spaces between these objects are known as negative spaces. All this enhances the visual impression and elegance of a place.

  1. A Crisp Color Pallet:

In modern style, color is used in the forms of sculpture or accessories. The focus is more on detailed furnishings and structure. Therefore, the color palette includes crisp white, neutrals, or black.  Some of the shades are:

  • For Black & White: Matte black and crisp white.
  • For Neutrals: Cream, putty, stone, beige, and wheat.
  • For Pop-Up Colors: Teal, royal blue, fire red, and chartreuse.

For more shades, you can take assistance from a real estate agent in Queens too.

  1. A Warm & Pleasant Texture with Pendant Lightings:

The color element in the modern style is soft and smooth. Therefore, the addition of eccentric and attractive textures is necessary. Focus on textured prints, luxurious rugs, cozy cushions, and sculpted wood in neutral shades. Ornament lighting gives life to modern-style houses. Select from the shades of silver, copper, wood, gold, matte black, or bright white. The one who has detailed sculptures on it. Place it in the room and see the magic. 

  1. Lustrous Silhouettes:

Sculptured furnishings with sleek lines and structure are what modern style is made of. Go for low couches and lean armchairs. The ones who have vertical and decent cushions and backs. Search for tables in glass, chrome, or acrylic. Focus on texture more than patterns. Select from velvet, boucle, buttery leather, or wool. They complement modern spaces better than anything. You can take more ideas from the professionals of Real Estate Agent in Queens. 


The Kitchen of a Modern Style House

The kitchens are a combination of negative spaces, natural materials, and plane lines. Modern kitchens have a spare look as they are designed for comfort. Combined with a warm and affectionate seating arrangement.

Features of A Modern Style Kitchen

  • It has frameless cabinets. The doors are made up of minimal flat panels. The cabinet boxes are covered by these doors, which look elegant.
  • These kitchens have sculpted and sleek accents, seating, lighting pieces.
  • The kitchens have natural materials like marble or wood in them. They look classy and attractive even without embellishments.

The Bathroom of a Modern Style House

The bathroom of modern style also adopts a sleek and classy look. Choose frameless pieces of mirrors with glass shower panels. Combine them with floating vanity and dim flooring. Neutral colors can also be an option for flooring: sculptured lighting and sleek hardware. Consider a deluxe stone backsplash or moveable tub. Add some floating shelves to a corner to finalize the overall look. The team of Real Estate Agent in Queens can guide you more about designing. 


Transform your home into a modern style with this information. Doing this is easy, and you can take more ideas by contacting Real Estate Agent Queens NY. All you need to do is choose your favorites from the described options. Place them perfectly. And that is it. Your eccentric modern-style home is ready with all elegance and luxuriousness. Happy Designing!

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