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Easter Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Easter offers a great opportunity to boost your real estate marketing. Check out these Easter real estate marketing ideas to reach out to your market.

Real estate agents, property offices, and even homeowners who have been searching for a boost in marketing to sell their houses should not waste the opportunity that Easter brings. For some, Easter will be a great weekend to maintain sales.

So, what ideas do you have to boost sales this Easter?

Easter Themed Real Estate Contest

Organizing an Egg Coloring Contest is a fun opportunity to communicate with people who have children. Create a coloring competition similar to the ones you occasionally see at supermarkets and retail establishments. Make coloring sheets available for pick-up at your office and provide a printable version on your website.

Request that all submissions be returned to your office by a certain deadline, and reward the winners with prizes.

Reach Out and Follow Up

Easter is an excellent time for prospecting and new follow-up. Deliver Easter baskets to current and past clients with whom you want to keep a good relationship. With a little imagination, you can come up with a lot of low-cost solutions for engaging with old clients, new prospects, and possible strategic partners.

The Easter basket doesn’t have to be expensive; it could be a large quantity of chocolate, a little potted plant, a book, or a family game. Include a card with your name and contact information on it wishing the recipients a joyous Easter. Your kindness and good humor will not go unnoticed and may result in references.

It is a good opportunity to impress potential listing clients by demonstrating that you care about the relationship rather than just the sale. Make connections and stay top of mind.

Show House Ideas for All Ages

Easter is a fantastic time to put on a house show. With a four-day weekend, more people are out looking for things to do, and many have more time than usual to look at homes. So go big, publicize your Easter weekend open house, and cram them in. There are countless thematic options to choose from, regardless of the type of house you have or who your prospective purchasers are. Easter egg hunts and family fun are examples of this.

Networking Ideas

Even if you don’t have a house to sell right now, this is a great time to do some additional networking. Use some of the same concepts used in show houses to conduct real estate networking events. Make contact with potential buyers, sellers, investors, and partners. 

Organize an Egg Hunt

A neighborhood egg hunt is a terrific opportunity to interact with your customers and grow your community network. Schedule it for the day or weekend before Easter for optimum participation, and promote it as a chance for kids to hone their hunting skills in preparation for the big day. Fill plastic eggs with candy, puzzle pieces, or other tiny delights and give out rewards.

You can also make your Easter egg hunt a charity event by asking participants to bring a blanket or canned food to contribute. It’s a great approach to developing your reputation while also doing the right thing for others. Bring some coffee and biscuits with you so you can mingle with the adults while the kids hunt for eggs.

Make the most of the holiday with these Easter real estate marketing ideas by taking your business to the next level with a personal touch.