All of us want to be in a respectable profession with healthy earnings. What could be a better option than being a real estate agent? This article was written by interviewing real estate agents in Queens. It has everything you need to know about this profession.

Why A Real Estate Agent?

With time, the popularity of real estate agents is increasing. Almost 17,000 people google about “how to become a real estate agent.” With this, every year, two million licenses are issued for real estate agents. This profession offers a diversified experience with lots of learning every day. Real estate agents deal with different people with different demands and issues. They provide solutions and relief to people by helping them find their homes. Real estate agents are their bosses which makes them satisfied and happy. 

Real estate agents are wealthy as well. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, they earn almost $48,930 each year. The amount must have doubled now because of high inflation. For being a real estate agent, you don’t need a degree. This career is a lot easier than other professions. Below is a step-by-step guide for you. It was researched in 2019. This guideline is prepared with the cooperation of real estate agents in Queens. If you are thinking of being a real estate agent, keep reading!

  1. Research the Requirements of Your State

Every state is different, with its distinct requirements for everything. The first step is to research these conditions. Go through the requirements necessary for the pre-license course in your state. It will give you an idea about the procedures. You will need to study those courses for being a real estate agent.

  1. Choose A Real Estate Institution/ School

After an idea about the courses, it’s time to select a school. Decide if you want to study in a classroom or through online schools.  Keep in mind that:

  • The school must offer pre-licensing courses specified by your state.
  • The school must be an ARELLO- accredited real estate school.
  1. Finalize The Coursework for Pre-Licensing

It is essential to complete the pre-licensing work for every state. The amount and work of courses can vary according to the states. Get all the information about the money and time required for the coursework. It will prepare you and save you from any mishap in the future. All of this is necessary. You cannot take the exam for a real estate license if you haven’t done this.

  1. Start Studying for The Real Estate Pre-Licensing Examination

Passing the pre-licensing real estate exam is mandatory before the real estate exam. The exam is held after the completion of the coursework. If you have selected online classes, the exam will be held online. The exam will be taken in classes if you choose a school. You can take help from any real estate exam preparation programs too. They will assist you in preparing for the paper. It saves you from struggling alone, according to the real estate agents in Queens.  Or else, you can use some useful study hacks too.  Get your course accomplishment certificate or transcript after the clearance of the exam.

  1. Apply & Clear Your Real Estate Exam in Your State

Apply for the state real estate exam after passing the pre-licensing real estate exam. Research about the procedure, fee, timings, and everything. The cost typically ranges between $20 to $25. Third-party examination centers conduct the exams. Make sure you know the date, hours, and center of the exam. Confirm the documents required for sitting in the examination from the testing centers. Keep every important thing with you to avoid any blunder on exam day.

  1. Choose A Broker

For a successful start of your real estate career, a broker is required. It is a very crucial step, as per real estate agents in Queens. You need to select a broker for many reasons. You may need sponsorship from the broker for a real estate exam. Some states have this requirement. You also need a broker to start your career after you clear the exam. Therefore, start searching for a broker while preparing for the state real estate exam. Selecting a broker requires a lot of research. As he will influence your earnings, niche, and your resources. Make sure to find one who appreciates your skills and compliments your goals.

  1. Ace The State Licensing Exam

This step is crucial for you to become a real estate agent. There are different criteria for clearing the licensing exam. These requirements vary from state to state. A real estate exam preparation program can also be helpful to you. Make sure to complete all stages and ace the state real estate exam.

  1. Be A Part of Professional Real Estate Associations

Your next step is to become a member of reputable real estate organizations. Start searching for these organizations after clearing your exam. Your options are the local and national multiple listing services. Include the national association of realtors in your list too. Being a member of these organizations will give you lots of benefits.

  • You will get insights into the trends and successful practices prevailing in your niche.
  • You will get access to professional resources and useful networking tools.
  • You will attend conferences and acquire valuable experience for the future.
  1. Finish the Real Estate Post Licensing Work

It is essential to finish the post coursework. Most states mention completing this work within six to twelve months. Wind up this work after getting your license for real estate. The earlier, the perfect as per the real estate agents in Queens.

  1. Start your Career as A Real Estate Agent

Since you have followed all the steps perfectly, tell everyone about your profession. You will start dealing with your clients after some time. That’s when you’ll believe that you have achieved your goal.  For your first client, it is better to take advice from an expert agent. He will make sure that everything is perfect and you are doing your best. After that, handle your transactions and dealings all by yourself.  Because you are now a real estate agent.


Real Estate Agent Queens NY knows the pace of growth in the real estate business. That is why we have bought this detailed step-by-step guide. The steps are simple, and anyone can do that. If you are passionate about becoming a real estate agent, follow the guidelines. Once you are done with your first deal, sit down and relax. Happy Dealing! Pat yourself at the back and cheer up as a real estate agent.

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