Painting is the most rejuvenating and fastest way to transform a house. But this task is challenging too at the same time. Your houses for sale in Queens should be perfect in every way.  That is why, Real Estate Agent Queens NY have come up with a complete guide for your help. If you have no idea where to start, keep reading. Many interior designers can suggest you lots of options. Yellow, grey, white, or any specific paint color. You will get tons of choices and eventually end up being confused. Or having a paint color you don’t feel satisfied with all over your house. A perfect color paint will make you happy. At the same time, it will increase the worth of your home. Therefore, you must know the colors you love.

How To Identify the Colors of Your Choice?

To answer this question, you must follow some steps mentioned below. The answers will lead you to three to four colors of your choice. If you still need guidance, you can contact any color consultant. Tell them your favorite colors and ask for assistance. You will end up with one perfect paint color which complements your house gorgeously. The steps are:

Go Through Your Closet

It is not recommended to select a paint color directly from the paint chips. Because you have no idea about what color will suit your house. You will be confused and exhausted. Therefore, it is better to have three to four options in mind already. But how will you do this? Well, we are to help you. The easiest way to do this is to visit your closet. See the colors you wear the most. These colors are the ones you like the most. You will lean to the colors which suit you the most. And that is the best option for you to paint your interior with. Your closet will give you many ideas about the accent colors. Your dressing style can be a theme color for a room in your house. For instance, if you love floral print and pair that with plain pieces. Uses silver jewelry and leather shoes or boots. This can be a theme for your living room. Make your houses for sale in Queens unique with your own themes. 

Uncover Your Ecstatic Memories

Real Estate Agent Queens NY

Real Estate Agent Queens NY

Just like people have happy places, they have their happy colors too. These colors need to be identified. For this, you need to uncover your happy memories. Ask yourself what the color of your room was when you were a kid. Or which color makes you happy. If not this, take out your old photo book. Go through your memories and notice which colors have your happy memories. You can take inspiration from anywhere at any time. Notice the colors you become attracted to when you visit different places. Restaurants, shops or any outing point can give you an idea. There is no rule for any specific color to be used as paint. You can choose any paint color of your choice related to your happy memories.

Visualize The Feeling You Want in Your Home

After going through the steps above, now visualize the feeling you want. Understand it with this example. Suppose that you love the color blue. Now, if you want a cozy feel, go for the darker shade of blue. If you want a peaceful vibe, go for the sea blue shade. Now that you have identified your favorite color, learn about the undertones too. It will help synchronize with trims and accessories. You can also use the morpholio board of your Iphone. If not this, use the mood boards of powerpoint to visualize things.  Don’t forget the color of your furnishings. Keep in mind the shades of the furniture while deciding a color. It’s better to contact a designer to help you with this. They have a better understanding of undertone shades. Therefore, the designer will suggest you accordingly when you tell him your favorite color. 

Slender Your Choices to Four Colors Only

Your designer can help you a lot once you decide on a paint color. But if you want to indulge more, go to the paint store. Buy the paint chips of your favorite shade and come back home. Place all of them in a row and start narrowing your options. Notice the differences and undertones of the shadows. By this, you will end up with three or four colors. Now tack the selected chips to the walls of your room. Use a plain sheet as a neutral backdrop. Remember that the paint will come darker on the light background. With the dark background, the paint shade will come out lighter. Place the chips all together or one by one as per your convenience. Notice the elements you already have in your room. Aim to make your houses for sale in Queens attractive ones and then decide.

Place The Paint Samples on The Wall

It’s time to test the options that you have decided as your final colors. Walls are recommended because the paint will be used on them at the end. For each option, paint the color on a 3 feet by 3 feet area. This will give you a better idea of how they look. It is recommended to place all the colors side by side. So that you can analyze which one looks better. Make sure to purchase the samples that have the original finish you want. As it can also alter the way, a paint color will look. After placing the paint colors, look at them differently. In different timings with various lightning to see how they can look. Spend some days with the colors until you find out the right one. Once you have identified, congratulations, you have selected the perfect paint for your house.


Decide the best paint for your house with these simple steps by Real Estate Agent Queens NY. These steps may take a little longer than usual. But will make your house a unique one among the houses for sale in Queens. You will end up being happier and satisfied. Your house will compliment your style and your feelings perfectly. So gear up, follow the steps, and refurbish your home with your favorite paint.

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