Moving in is an exciting experience. But covid-19 has turned this excitement into fear of losing lives. Being the best realtors in Queens, NY, we know how to retain the excitement. Moving in involves a lot of things. You interact with people, things, and places daily. Before covid-19, all interactions and hustles were common and safe. But this is not the case anymore. Due to the pandemic, the imposition of lockdown and social distancing has changed everything. It’s better to skip the idea of shifting homes at first during covid-19. But if you have no other option except to move in, we are here to help you. Keep reading!

This article has some amazing tips on how you can move in safely during the pandemic. Follow them and start your moving-in safely during covid-19. Give a wondrous start to your life in your new home with the best realtors in Queens, NY.

Tips To Follow Before Moving-In

Prefer Virtual House Hunting

Covid-19 spreads with the interaction between people. Traditional house hunting involves face-to-face meetings, which can increase the spread of the virus. Virtual home tours are in trend these days. Therefore, it’s better to search for a house virtually for safety. According to the best realtors in Queens, NY, it saves your time and life. Search for a real estate agency that offers virtual home tours. Go through home tours until you find the perfect one. After you find one, give that home a walk-through. Make sure to follow the guidelines for covid-19 and social distancing.

Select A Reputable Moving Company

You cannot move in without any help. Since social distancing has become a norm now, it’s better to hire professional movers. Select a reputable and responsible moving company. Ask them the measures they are taking for covid-19 during shifting. These measures will give you an idea of whether you should choose them or not. For a start, you can ask them questions like:

  • What kind of safety measures are your employees using to avoid the spread of covid-19?
  • What if your employee or customer catches the virus and becomes covid positive? What will be your action?
  • What suggestions will you give me during my move-in?
  • How will you make my move-in experience happier and safer?

Avoid Cardboards and Go for Plastic Carries

Being the best realtors in Queens, NY, we advise using plastic carriers during covid-19. It is quick and easy to clean plastic over cardboard. You can do this with a cloth, spray, and antibacterial wipes. Pack your items in and clean the upper surface of the plastic. Wear gloves while cleaning. You can repeat the cleaning process after your shifting too. Plastic carriers are economical and reusable. It will save your money and protect you from germs.

Clean the House Thoroughly Before Shifting

It is essential to disinfect the house before shifting your items. If you have professional movers, they will help you with this task. It will save your time and energy. You can clean your house alone if you are cleaning conscious. Some cleaning recommendations by centers of disease control & prevention are:

Clean the touched surfaces daily. Use different brushes and clothes for other surfaces.  The list includes:

  • Tables
  • Switches
  • Doorknobs
  • Handles
  • Toilet
  • Faucets
  • Countertops etc.

Don’t forget to wear gloves and protected wear. Read the mentioned instructions properly on all cleaning products. Make sure that fresh air comes into your house. Leave the windows and doors open. It will increase the ventilation.

Tips To Follow During the Moving-In

Welcome Your Movers with A Smile

Greet your movers with a gentle smile when they come for loading. Avoid handshakes and use non-contact greeting practices. Since social distancing is necessary, it’s better to take preventive measures.

Retain The Six Feet Distance

It is necessary to keep a six feet distance between each other. Avoid helping them when the workers come to your place and start loading. Let them load and unload your belongings. Keep your family and pets in a separate room during the process.

Don’t Forget to Wash Hands

Washing hands is an essential step to prevent the spread of covid-19. Therefore, set regular intervals for this task. Request the movers to wash their hands before stepping into the house. Remind them to do this at specific intervals. Place sanitizers in your home if washing hands frequently is not easily accessible. Provide disinfectant wipes to movers to clean the switches and doorknobs of the house.

Follow Other Covid-19 Guidelines

It is essential to follow the proper guidelines for the prevention of covid-19. The list includes:

  • Wear masks.
  • Avoid food sharing.
  • Prevent frequent face touching.
  • Sanitize/ wash hands after every 10-15 minutes.
  • Put it separately and wash the used clothes after coming back home.
  • Disinfect the touchable surfaces of the home regularly.

Clean Your Belongings & The New House After Moving-In

It is essential to clean everything after you step into your new house. Before unpacking, clean the plastic wraps with antibacterial wipes. Take out the items and clean them separately. Wash the house thoroughly and clean everything. Make sure that you follow these precautions by best realtors in Queens, NY:

  • Use gloves and wear a mask.
  • Dispose of the carton boxes.
  • Sanitize yourself and everything from time to time.
  • Use a separate cleaning cloth for each item.
  • Keep the windows open for ventilation. It will minimize the risk of transmission of the virus.
  • Keep yourself in quarantine for a week as a safety measure after you move in.


Life keeps going on, and so should we. Covid-19 has influenced us in many ways, but we shouldn’t stop. Whether it’s a daily routine task or a moving-in challenge, everything needs to be done. Follow these tips If you are planning to move in but are afraid of covid-19. We, Real Estate Agent Queens NY, wish you a safe and happy move-in. 


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