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Real Estate Headlines You Should Be Using

The most important aspects of a listing are the real estate headlines. According to David Ogilvy, the famous advertising guru, the headline was 80% of the advertisement. Also, potential buyers will be turned off if the real estate headlines are negative, according to agents.

But even if that is not true, don’t take the risk by choosing bad headlines for your ad. Find a list of 50 real estate headlines below.

You can use the headlines below for free.

In addition, we also provide a guide to help you understand what makes a good real estate headline. Take a few minutes to read the helpful guide before you use the headline list. You are free to copy and use the headlines for your real estate listing ad.

What Is a Headline?

Even though a poor headline might not make or break your sale, it can undoubtedly have a significant effect. Bad headlines can reduce your chances of selling quickly, selling above list price, and reducing the number of people who attend your open houses. Certainly, buyers will look at the lead photo and heading as they scroll through real estate listings. They may click away and never return if they don’t like what they see.

How to Write Effective Real Estate Headlines

Five key elements must be present in real estate headlines:

1. Your Headline Must Stand Out From The Competition or Be Memorable

Take a look around to see what the competition is up to and improve your headline. If your headline is identical to everyone else’s, you’re limiting your chances and, as a result, the number of potential buyers. If you were looking for an investment property, which headline would you click on?

A) The owners want to sell

B) Lovely home on a quiet street

C) Purchase Of The Century – Your Chance Is NOW

Keep in mind that these are real-life examples taken from popular real estate listing websites.

2. A Real Estate Headline Must Attract The Reader’s Interest

Does your headline pique the interest of your target reader? Which headline do you believe is most appealing to a first-time homebuyer looking for a renovator unit?

A)  In need of affection

B) Minutes from RSL

C) A Bargain Purchase You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into

3. Create an Enticing Advertising Headline

The main goal of writing a killer headline is to entice buyers to read your advertisement, so make it appealing. Make them want to open your listing by dangling the carrot.

4. Use Title Case Instead of ALL CAPS

Since the 1960s, when direct mail was refined and perfected, title case has been an effective marketing tool. Each word in a sentence is capitalized in the title case, also known as camel text. 

Google ad results show that title case ads perform better. In the highly competitive travel insurance market, 100 percent of the advertisers use the title case in their ads. Why? Because it is effective.

If you pointed out that the title case is grammatically incorrect, you would be completely correct. However, we’re not writing university dissertations. Because we’re writing advertisements, a title case is a great way to make real estate headlines stand out without being spammy.

Title case headings serve as a visual cue to distinguish the headline from other page elements such as your call to action and bullets.

Unless you are going out of business, the vendor is going bankrupt, or your caps lock is broken, never use ALL CAPS in a headline. It appears cheap and spammy.

5. Avoid using full stops and multiple !!! (exclamation points)

Because we’re writing ad copy, we can ignore technical grammar in real estate headlines. As a result, we won’t use a full stop. We’ll keep it simple for a real estate headline.

If you insist on using an exclamation mark, you may not use more than one. There is nothing more exciting than requiring multiple exclamation marks to draw attention to a property.

Free List of Real Estate Headlines You Can Use

You are free to use the headings in the list we have compiled. Use them “as is” or modify them to meet your needs.

Gorgeous Art Deco Style Family Home On Quiet Street

Stylish Entertainer Near Local Attractions

Modern Lifestyle and Ideal Location

The Most Affordable Home On A Private Street

A Grand, Resort-Style Home

A Relaxing Family Home Amongst Leafy Serenity

One Level With Brand-New Sparkle

Perfect Family House or Investment Opportunity

Whale Watchers Dream

Character And Beauty With Modern Style

Cozy House With A Great Shed

Front Row Seat For Beautiful Sunsets

Convenient Location On A Large Flat Block

Ideal Family Home In A Cul De Sac

A Perfect Lifestyle House To Treasure

Your Opportunity For Uninterrupted Water Views

Perfect House For The Growing Family

Large Family Home In A Prime Location

Cosmopolitan City Living At Its Finest

Remove, Renovate, Or Rent – A Deal To Be Had!

Excellent Location, Luxurious Renovation

Stylishly Designed Architecture

Open Plan Living with Private Yard

Beautiful Residence Selling For Less Than The Bank Valuation

Living In a Resort with So Much Style

Best Riverfront Lifestyle

An Amazing Beachfront Retreat

City Convenience, Country Tranquility

Tranquil Living with Uninterrupted Urban Views

Cheapest Way To Enter The Market

Beautiful Older Style Stacked with Lifestyle Advantages

Large Entertainer In a Quiet And Convenient Location

A Resort Style Lifestyle With Amazing Water Views

Super Modern With So Much Space

Big Family Home in Quiet Position

Generous Family Residence Near To Park

Prestigious Family Home In an Excellent Location

Sophisticated Paradise In A Premium Lifestyle Enclave

Relax In Sun-Soaked Luxury By The Beach

First Class Hidden Treasure

Beautiful, Warm, Opulent Living With A Fabulous Feel

Timeless Elegance, Character, And Space

A Perfect Location Packed With Potential

Elegantly Decorated House With Iconic Views

Private and Easy-Care Lifestyle

A Modest Statement

Gorgeous Property With Picturesque Mountain Views

Affordable First House Or Investment Opportunity

Beautiful And Unique Offering Urban Living At Its Best!

Ground Floor Courtyard Unit Perfect For Pet Owners