Covid-19 has forced many of us to stay indoors to protect ourselves from it. It was fine in the beginning as most of us were looking for a temporary respite from our expeditious lives but dismally the situation diverged and now all that everyone is coveting for is stability and normalcy of routine. Staying indoors is hard, if not for everyone then some. Our homes that looked welcoming after a long day of work have started looking kind of monotonous and boring now. If you want to spruce up your house and want a significant change in your surroundings, then this article is for you! Let’s discuss some trends of 2020 and how they have inspired people to transpose their lodges into a place they no longer feel forcefully confined to,

Walls And Popular Color Palettes

Let us start with walls first. Any embellishment on walls can transform a room within seconds. Whether it is a fresh coat of paint, a temporary wallpaper or a new poster. Comforting warm and earthy tones have replaced bold colors this year. Colors like sage green and cedar brown are the newest obsession of people wanting to make their homes feel like home again. Textured walls are in this year and they give a lot of room to dispense out your creativity also. Another reason that will convince you to bring some change to your walls is how easy it is, if you want to do it yourself, you can easily do it as it will not only save you extra money but will keep you busy while being productive too.

Furniture Trends Of 2021

If changing walls isn’t enough then swapping your old furniture with furniture that has been all the rage recently will definitely bring a significant change to your surroundings. This year, maximalism has replaced minimalism and rearranging mismatched furniture along with kitschy Americana decor is acceptable again. Now is the time for a trip to a thrift store or to take out a furniture article that you liked but had to store in your attic because it didn’t match your current furniture. It will not only bring a welcome change to your surroundings but will be easy on your pocket too. If you want to go for a more sophisticated style then choose Scandinavian inspired furniture. It’s neat, symmetrical and easy on the eyes. Scandinavian furniture is known for its good quality and practicality, only light woods like pine, beech and ash are used. and IKEA, Walmart and Etsy have got your back if you want to have some good quality and economic Scandinavian furniture articles. House plants have made a comeback also and there is a wide range to choose from, you can either go for succulents which are low maintenance and won’t die easily or plants which can grow in water instead of mud like Devil’s Ivy if you want to devote some extra time to them and to spend your time while doing something productive.

Internet Aesthetic Inspirations

Tumblr might have lost its previous popularity but it is still influencing internet aesthetics and some trends that we are going to discuss here are proof of this statement,


If you are a fan of literary classics like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women or Emma then Cottagecore is perfect for you. Light color palette with summery blankets, sheets and table cloths, this aesthetic will make you nostalgic for the past. Fresh flowers like Marigolds, Peonies and Sunflowers can be added also. Cottagecore will definitely make your home feel like home again and make you long for a period you never lived in.


Can’t move on from minimalistic? Japandi is for you then. Practical and modern, Japandi is a coalesce between Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian interior style. It’s neat and sleek with a spritz of creativity. Geometric patterns, succulents, a polished bookshelf, organic fabrics and line art are just, what is needed for the Japandi style which everyone these days is talking about.

Biophilic and Eco-Friendly Design

According to Biophilic Urbanism, “Humans have an innate connection to nature” and this is undoubtedly accurate considering the problems the planet we inhabit is facing because of us these days. There is a popular misconception that Biophilic Design is expensive whereas it is more like an upfront investment. Ever wanted an indoor garden? Go for it as now is the time to have one. If you want to go for just an eco-friendly approach then choose eco-friendly furniture, cleaning products and such things which cause the least harm to the environment.

Grandmillenial Style

Ever watched Period Dramas and just sat on your sofa in awe because of how beautiful the sets are? If yes, then you are in luck as Grandmillenial style is quite popular these days. It doesn’t only promote timelessness but organization too. Grandmillenial is all about frills, neatly polished furniture and unconventional colors. What makes it great is how much room for creativity it provides.

Exterior And Interior

It’s time to discuss exterior and interior styles that have been making waves these days and will definitely help with staying productive while at home and keeping up. Due to Covid-19, Home Offices and Workspaces are a thing right now. Imagine, just a nice space where you can focus on your work without any interruptions and keep everything organized, doesn’t it sound like something you need right now? Because most people do. A home office is like your personal domain, where you can customize everything according to your preference. It will not only ease the process of the organization but help you work comfortably from home too. When it comes to some customizations to the interior, arched doorways and big straight line windows are in style too. Double islands in kitchens, because of their practicality are back too.

Storage And Decor

Multifunctional spaces have become considerably popular for some time now. They are not only practical but you can customize them according to your liking too. Organization with multifunctional spaces is very easy and the uses are vast too. Considering the sky-rocketing property prices, multifunctional spaces are a must these days as they let you keep more in less space. When it comes to decor, statement vases that are basically timeless are still here as they are versatile enough to go with any kind of decor. Line art, Pop art and psychedelic posters are in too and look amazing if they go with your chosen decor. Velvet has replaced silk and these days, Velvet throws, cocooning furniture and cushions are everywhere too as they not only look chic but give a luxurious touch to your interior decor too.


Ever changing trends are sometimes hard to keep up with and that’s completely okay. Some options mentioned here are DIY and you can have a lot of fun while doing those too. If choosing a layout or style is hard for you then call a reliable realtor and they might be able to help you find a professional interior designer according to your preferences. There are many other options to customize your house too, Just focus on your wellness and never repress your creative spirit!

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