We, Real Estate Agent in Queens, know the hustles of selling a house. People encompass different phases during the listing process of their houses for selling.  It includes excitement, consciousness, tension, anxiety, and many more. Sellers list their homes to get high prices and quick selling. But most furnished houses still linger on the market for days.

You must be questioning why is that so? The answer is missing décor items in those homes. We know that all décor items are attractive. But not all of them make our houses alluring. Now which items will fit perfectly in every place? Keep reading to know the list!

The 7 Must-Have Décor Items For Speedy Sale

It’s not mandatory to buy expensive décor items. You can give a glow to your home with classy decoration too. The seven things mentioned in this article below are affordable for everyone. They will differentiate your home from others in the listing. The buyers in the first look will quickly snap your house. Check out the list of seven valuable décor items below:

  1. A Set Of Fresh Flowers

Who loves fresh flowers? We all know the answer is everyone! Fresh blooms bring a feeling of calmness and happiness. They attract and invite the buyers when placed in a house. Go to the market and buy pairs of fresh flowers. Your options can be orchids, roses, lilies, or whatever you like. Place them in different spaces of your home. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room are the most highlighted places. You can give a distinctive look to your house with this floral arrangement. Consider buying fresh flowers rather than artificial ones because they look more sumptuous. This décor item will lure buyers on all the online platforms as well. The flowers look more tempting in the photos.

  1. Perfectly Placed Mirrors

The buyers usually look for bigger houses. But what if your home is small? Don’t worry because Real Estate Agent in Queens have a solution named mirrors. Place some mirrors in your house and make it look larger. Mirrors lighten up the rooms and give an elegant look to the home. They grab the attention of buyers quickly. Mirrors can do wonders if your house doesn’t have huge windows and high ceilings. Mirrors also add dimensions to a small space and create an appealing illusion. Place some mirrors in your living room and kitchen and enhance their exquisiteness.

  1. Some Area Rugs

People invest a lot of money in luxurious flooring. Vinyl flooring, tiles, or wood floors cost lots of money. They do look beautiful, but they bring excessive cold in the rooms. After some years, they look dreary. That is why rugs are an essential part of our homes. Luxurious rugs cost around $400. Whereas, the price ranges from $50 to $10,000 They keep the floors safe and shiny. The buyers will perceive that you care about your floors very much. Therefore, they will be attracted to your house quickly.  Choose matching area rugs for your house rooms..  They will give a bright look, warm feeling, and texture to space.

  1.  A Pair Of Clean Towels

The bathroom is an unforgettable part of our home. It is the center of attention for most buyers. The condition of your bathroom tells a lot about yourself. A clean and fresh bathroom will leave an impressive first impression on buyers. Cleaning the whole bathroom alone is not enough alone. It requires a pair of fresh towels as well. Buy some new doormats, towels, and bathmats before the buyer’s visit. Choose soft and furry matching towel sets with the color of your bathroom. It will give a cleaner and more luxurious look to the bathroom. Place them purposefully so that they get the attention of the visitor. The buyers will love to imagine themselves in it and will grab your house quickly. 

  1. Picture-Perfect Lighting

Nobody wants to buy a dark space. People love shiny and bright places. It brings us to our next décor item, which is lighting. Ideal lightning will sell your house quickly because it allures the buyers. There are various types and designs of lights. You can contact the professionals of Real Estate Agent in Queens for assistance. We will guide you about the perfect lightning according to your house. Select the lights which are in trend. The buyers will perceive that you are an entirely fashionable and updated person. Follow the rule of three to lighten up your house. Buy three sources of lights which can include floor lamps and table lamps. You can choose different sources as per your choice. Make sure that they have luminescent light bulbs. Place them and pop up your space to appeal to the buyers quickly.

  1. A Touch Of Blue Color

A peaceful space tempts everyone. Science has proved that the blue color brings a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Therefore, a touch of blue is our next décor item. Avoid spraying blue paint everywhere. Select some sophisticated and conceptual art pieces. Those which have shades of blue and teal. Place them in your living room or dining room. It will arouse a soothing vibe in your house. Your house will get differentiated from others in the market. The buyers will imagine them in the space and will seal the deal immediately. 

  1. A Stylish Glass Table

Wider and brighter homes are the preference of home buyers these days. You can also create this illusion in your home with a glass table. Buy an elegant glass table either as a coffee table or an end table. The glass table with metallic hardware is a better option. It reflects the lights beautifully and creates a beautiful vision of the space.


Real Estate Agent in Queens know the techniques to attract buyers. That is why today’s article is all about it. Sell your house quickly by using these seven inexpensive décor items. It will cost you some money. But you will not regret your decision after selling your home at a high price.

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